This page hosts a repository of tutorials which I shamelessly collected from several sites & old groups. I imagine that all of these programs will be impossible to track down on the web unless you are very lucky, most of these documents are at least 5 years old, this however shouldn't deter you from reading them, as there are some real classics here which I've marked with a * symbol.

I've taken the decision to delete from these zipped tutorials any cracks that might have been included and any nfo files or such that might be deemed as illegal. More documents will be added in due course as I update and move various sections of my site (although this could be a very slow process).

BartPak Series


Author is Polish. Lots of keygen and other source code.

C4N / MEXELiTE Series

AxMan v2.11 tutorial by Vizion.
CD Wizzard v4.30 serial # by nIabI.
CoRN2's basic guide to Intel assembly language for crackers.
DigiDay Clock tutorial by Vizion, with very simple Pascal Key Generator.
DirectNet v1.1 by CoRN2, key generating with Pascal & C source code.
Directory Toolkit v2.63 nag & trial with patch source codes by Quantico.
DropIt v1.0 tutorial by YOSHi.
Ecco 4.01 tutorial, time-trial removing by drlan.
Exile I - Escape from the Pit keyfile tutorial with CPP source by drlan.
GlobeTime v1.21 keyfile by Vizion.
Key Generating for Newbies, 3 examples by Quantico.
Password Tracker Deluxe v3.2 by Vizion.
Personal Password Vault v1.0 nagscreen tutorial by drlan.
SmilerShell/95 v1.4 keyfile tutorial by Vizion with Pascal source.
SoftICE for Newbies by CoRN2.
TTFPlus v3.3 cracking an internal counter by Vizion.
VB5 CrackMe by Krazy_N - (solution 1438675).
W3Filer (32) v1.1.3 key generator with C source by drlan.
WinREXX time-trial tutorial by drlan.
WinTar-Remote v2.2.1 cracking a time-trial by nIabI.
WinZip v6.2 finding a serial # by CoRN2.

Entire series download here (139k, 141,828 bytes).

CbD Series

_CbD_ Part 1 - "_CbD_ versus UltiSoft Inc."
_CbD_ Part 2 - "Rummy 500".
_CbD_ Part 3 - "WinScan v2.0.06 disabled functions".
_CbD_ Part 4 - "Business Cards 32 v4.18".
_CbD_ Part 5 - "General Cracking Q & A".
_CbD_ Part 6 - "Modifying dll's to give real reg. codes".

Entire series download here (24k, 24,605 bytes).

Crackers Notes

Crackers Notes

cRACKER's nOTES by TORN@DO (233k).

Flu[X]'s Tutorial's

Animato v1.0.
DLL Demon v1.0.
File Shredder v2.2.
Uninstall Manager v2.5.

Entire series download here (10k, 10,192 bytes).

KGL Essays

KGL Essays

The Portable Executable File Format. Date : 28/8/1.
Simple RE Techniques. Date : 22/9/1.
Serial Number Schemes. Date : 28/10/1.

Entire series download here (308k, 316,109 bytes).

KGL is a small group of (mostly) security-oriented individuals, who seek to expand their knowledge. As a group, they have knowledge in the fields of PLs, RE, networking, OSs, etc. Most members also have an excellent formal education. The essays themselves are written for people who want to master the field of RE. The first essays are targeting the (rather complete) newbies audience, although more advanced topics will be covered as time goes by (and the readers obtain some knowledge).

This group is long term idle.

MiB Series

NetTerm 4.2.7 by iNCuBuS++, key generator using encryption *.
TransMac 2.4B, removing shareware limits by Pero.
Wingate 1.13.17, calculating a valid serial # for by Cruehead*.

Entire series download here (21k, 21,218 bytes).


Aareus IconCommander, serial # tutorial by _ytc.
Arrivo Select v1.2, serial # & miscellaneous other by Atti2d.
CrackZ's Newbies Guide To Cracking (Part 1) * - The very first tutorial I ever wrote, recommended.
Crashtest's Tutorial, newbies introduction to cracking.
CRC & how to reverse it, Anarchriz's paper *.
ManKind's Key Generator Tutorial's.
MisterE's DREADed Guide to Cracking *.
Miz's Process Patching Sources *.
Neural_N's guide to enhancing NotePad *.
^pain^'s guide to using nag screens.
Panda's Tutorial (Cage 3D Model Editor key generator).
Plushmm's how to key generate (Business Card Designer Plus v5.00b).
Quantico's keyfile tutorial for TextPad v3.2.5 *.
ScanLine SwiftSearch key generator tutorial by Manson69 (various languages).
Talking E-mail v1.0 by ytc_ (SmartCheck).
Teraphy's "making key generators" tutorial *.
XLogic's key generator tutorial.

Entire series download here (232k, 237,854 bytes).



WKT site archive from 1999 here (837k).
WKT site archive from 2001 here (4.37Mb's).