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Award (PC Magazine) - Even mass media has its uses.
From my e-mail - Feedback from those that make my site worth continuing.
Feedback 2005 - I thought it was about time I chonologically organised this sites feedback.
My Greetings - Those people who I like and respect (past / present).
Shania Twain - Canadian diva & my favourite musician since Mariah Carey in 1992.

Well, I've been running this site for more than 8 years now and as I state on my opening page, any feedback or comments (either good or constructive criticisms) are very welcome. Here's just a short selection of some of the comments I've received (naturally I've quoted only the most flattering remarks :-) ). Since I've started I've yet to receive anything really derogatory (thats not an invitation to starting sending me insults now btw).


Ah yes indeed, even the mass media sometimes appreciates the work of reverse engineers. This award from October 2003.

  "Despite its appearance, CrackZ isn't about stealing software; it's about programming techniques that let you enhance the feature sets of existing commercial software. No, really. The site is a great place for learning how to reverse-engineer and subvert Windows software protection schemes—and for learning how to protect against the same. CrackZ provides loads of sarcastic commentary, tips and tools, and links for the more technical reader". Sarcasm?, me?, surely not ;-).

Comments & Support

"Although I'm sure you don't want inane e-mail, I could not resist the opportunity to thank you for your site......I stumbled across it looking for a "warez" crack for Virtual Gibbs (I use it at work and have several projects I'd like to work on at home). When I first found your site I thought it was a godsend....then after reading for awhile and finding out it did not have an easy way out I searched on. Inevitably, I worked my way back for a second look, I am now downloading all of the relevant "Tools" and reading countless tutorials. Although I am a long way from understanding most of it (I have zero programming experience), I'm gonna give it a shot. I just wanted to say thanks for providing the tutorials which I now realize are more important than the "crackz" themselves......"

"Hi CrackZ. I should maybe write a page (with your and other's help) about 'bad experiences'. I understand (very well) your frustration and unease, yet take it easy: web-times and web-contingencies are completely irrelevant. The only important thing (as you know) is what you yourself will decide to do. And since your one of the (few) people doing THEIR OWN stuff, you'll always fall on your feet. Whatever happens. Whatever disturbance someone will try to inflict on you.

So here's my small word of suppport to you, my friend, even if it most probably will not help much, even if it will not change anything. Your doing and have done terrific work on your own. Few can say the same. Keep on your own track. Change whatever you want. Do whatever you feel like. If you keep questioning yourself, you'll never be wrong. Things are a-changing.

Later, fravia+"

"This is to let you know that I have read your guide and found it to be the best I have seen so far. You have covered the subject very well. I was especially interested in the section on dongle cracks. I work with programs that have key disks / software keys (usually everlock) and they are a real pain if you lose the key. I thought the layout of the guide was especially good. It may be cool to write in slang but it's much easier to understand if it's in good English. Thanks for the great guide".

"Thanks for the good tutorials, you have taken a lot of time to write such good descriptions. Thanks again for a first class site".

"Hi, I just thought I would let you know what I think of your site, kind of giving you a consumer report so to speak. I really enjoy the material you have provided, you did an outstanding job in your tutorials and I like the fact you update. Your policy is something I can appreciate, your site is truthful and gives very useful information from an outstanding author. Very nice".

"Love your site keep up the good work".

"Thankyou for such an excellent site!, I was looking for a cracked copy of FruityLoops v1.2.12, but couldn't find one. I then found your FruityLoops cracking example and followed it with eventual success! Using your name, I traced with SoftICE and found the *correct* serial in the EBX register - 539244."

"Hi...I'm a newbie, too :) I've learned much from your dox".

"Hey - great tutorial(s)! I enjoyed reading them and well LEARNED SOMETHING FROM THEM!! (many Thxs!!)".

"This is a great page. I haven't seen another like this. Excellent. Keep up the very good work".

"I really like your page. A few days ago, I was looking to crack MusicMatch Jukebox.. I wasn't planning on actually debugging the thing through SoftICE, but when I found your page, I decided to give it a shot. After a few hours of frustration, mostly due to lack of understanding of SoftICE (and a different version of MusicMatch Jukebox than what is described on your page), I finally got it. I came back to your page today and found a keygen (DOH!) hehehe. Anyways, it was good experience, and I thank you for all the tutorials".

"I just saw your new page. Nice stuff to learn".

"Hi, just got done reading your tutorial on the newbies guide to cracking, I just wanted to let you know it was very useful to me, thank you".

"Just a quick note to say thanx for creating your homepage...it really helped me a lot!".

"I'm just a newbie cracker, trying to pick up the knowledge....I've visited quite a few sites, picking up the essential tools and tutorials....but yoursite is by far the best I've seen....the layout and general presentation of your tutorials is simply terrific....I'll be popping in quite often to pickup tutorials....just thought you ought to know your efforts are greatly appreciated by this newbie anyway :-)".

"Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I think you've got a very good resource site".

"Just wanted you to know, I've got a lot of things I wanted from your site!".

"Just a quick little message to say how much I like your Web Page. It is a must link for any user".

"First of all, thank you for putting those great tools on your site! Your site is very nice, simple but full of useful things and without unnecessary image files and links, I really like it."

"First I wanted to let you know that your page is really good. You have a nack for weeding out the junk (and there is a lot of it out there) and focusing on the quality docs and tools. Thanks for making it available."

"Just a note to tell you I appreciate your site. It looks well organized and has a lot of tutorials - I am getting back into cracking (I am a real neophyte), and your tutorials are very helpful. Keep up the good work, and I will be visiting your site often."

"Excellent cracking tutorials!!!, thanks for all your hard work in making this site a joy to visit."

"I would like to say that your pages have opened my eyes to a new world of knowledge that I had not thought about before, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time and enormous amount of work that you did to ensure that knowledge will always be free. Like they have always said, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." Normally I would have never gave a second thought to Reverse Engineering, I would just look for crackz elsewhere on the web, but coming across your site, I thought "It seems like a never-ending challenge and a chance to learn something". Thanks again.

"Since I started off on the net, I've been looking for a page like yours. I hate the warez sites, with their constant porn, and mindless content. I've been searching for the actual methods and means of Reverse Engineering. Now that I've found your page, I'm literally in heaven. Thank you, for helping make the free flow of knowledge possible".

"As a card-carrying lurker I've never before been moved to actually write to a complete stranger whose web site I've visited, and furthermore (though perhaps exactly because :-) it's highly doubtful that you would still take the time to dig through the hotmail spam to read mail at this address (which is probably no longer valid anyway).

Nevertheless, it's _so_ unusual (for me @ least) to find crack-related texts of even _vaguely_ literate quality, let alone such well-composed material as yours, that I'm writing this note.

I'm not a cracker (not by modern standards, despite having nearly been sent down from university in the pre-PC days for hacking the mainframe) and (more True Confessions) I've downloaded and used the odd lame crack or keygen since then. Still, I maintain a keen interest in such matters, especially since I do happen to write software for a living.

So thank you for your treasure trove of information (stale as it may now be getting) and (yes, I read your tale of struggle) thank you for persevering in the face of moronic adversity and blind greed.

That's enough parentheses for now.

"CrackZ, ...just wanted to say that I've surfed a lot of crap over the years, and your website was a refreshing change!, written in proper English, full of useful content, and a splash of subtle humour... truly, the recipe for a great site! Awesome!".

"I have been wading through outdated, incorrect and largely incompetent material on the FLEXlm system for several weeks. Some of the material out there borders on religion or magic with special incantations and rituals (do this magic file then that one and change these magic numbers blah blah blah) and absolutely no technical foudation at all. Then I came across your site (oddly enough using alltheweb and searching on synopsys and mentor and synplify and compare). Anyways, great site. Excellent technical content, presentation, organization, collected utils and SDK's and on and on. Obviously a lot of hard work. I now have the material I need to deter my management from paying for this overrated, ineffective piece of software.

Thank you."

"Just a short thankyou for a great site. Some sites just leave you with a satisfied feeling after browsing them, this is the best so far. I am an extreme newbie, but the moment I have a valid crack, you'll here from me. All the best".

"Well, it's been over a year since I implemented the protection we discussed, and my software has not been successfully reversed as far as I can tell. I assume it thwarted my crackers, because I had three consecutive versions cracked, and since I released the updated protection - no crack. I believe it was some group/person called talio.

So I just wanted to say thanks again for your pages, they definitely opened my eyes as to what shareware authors are up against. Your articles and advice helped me to get smart enough to make my software 'not worth it' for the reversers. Glad to see you're still up and running".


"I just wanted to tell you "thank you" for being brave enough to put up real, useful, information in an ethical manner, and not bow down to commercial stormtroopers (i.e. lawyers and similar ilk). Thank you for helping me fill a hole in my education."

"I have been reading your site, and wanted to thank you for all of the hard work! I am learning more than I ever dreamed, but there is so little time unfortunately. I am a bit different in that I am blind and use a screen reader, so have to adapt alot of things and use alternative tools, but with some work it all happens. You just have to work at it is all. Besides the harder you work the greater the reward! So with this in mind, I get more reward as well. Good luck."

"Really great website, compliments. Lately I discoverd your website searching on google for Cracking Tutorial because I want to learn more. For about two days I learnt the "je" to "jne" reverse. I'm trying to learn more but I cant have SoftICE run on my Windows XP SP2. May be I will fix this later. Best Regards and keep supporting your great website".

"While looking around on Google I stumbled upon your Reverse Engineering site and forums. And honestly. I'm grateful. For the longest time, I have been looking for information about the inner workings and how to modify programs. I've been shunned in all manner of IRC chats. Banned off forums. Told off in instant messages, and everything else that you can think of. No one else has the time or the patience it seems to help out a newbie. Any tutorial I find on the internet usually relates to old Apple computers, or worthless Warez sites. And then I found your site. Your site is one of the few on the internet today that does not have a financial goal in mind. You're not out to make a name for yourself. You're not planning some grand advertisement scheme. You're helping to spread learning and information to anyone who has an interest and patience. This is a quality I have found that is slowly leaving the web. Honestly, your site is a beacon of hope for those that detest people who try to censor anything they might not agree with. Or even those that might try to make a quick buck off knowledge itself. And for that, I thank you."


"Hi, I stumbled upon your site... several years ago, actually. I keep wanting to learn how to reverse engineer, but always get sidetracked. Eventually I'll make a breakthrough past the learning curve (at least the first curve). Anyways, I feel now what I felt then except only more: "man, this guy is a stud for making this website. I gotta write him an email." And I felt that way before I even read the part about how many people havn't bothered to express gratitude. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you."

My Personal Greetings (1997-2005)

+HCU (former)

Aesculapius, Cruehead, fravia+ (best of luck with your new projects and thank you for your note of support back then), +Frogs Print, +gthorne, jeff, +malattia, mammon_, +ORC (the obligatory greeting).

.....for their help and tireless work with the HCU as well as individual web sites (where and when applicable).

Personal Friends

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Past (But Definitely Not Forgotten)

blorght, Cali, Quantico - good luck from me, hope things are working out for you all (blorght especially).
Thesmurf (RIP my good friend, you will be sadly missed), Ricky died in 2000 as a result of dialysis complications.

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.....and finally, a big thanks goes to YOU, my readers.

Shania Twain

I'm not sure quite how Shania Twain relates to Reverse Engineering, actually I don't really care, its my site and I'll do what I wan't too ;-), so enjoy a tip from me and visit Shania's official webpage.

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