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As many visitors will already be aware, I have experienced constant legal difficulties with the running of my site (you see the good intentioned authorities always seem to want to kill knowledge sites providing real information, rather than the millions of crack.com repositories supported by commercial sponsors). This disclaimer and set of terms is designed therefore to redress that legal inbalance. All visitors to this site MUST accept the following terms and conditions before accessing my tutorials or downloading any of my materials.

If you object to any of these terms, you are not legally permitted to view my site, that is my legal entitlement, so use your browsers back button facility and never visit my site again if this is your judgement, I am after all not forcing my knowledge / research down your throat. Contrary to what you may think, my disclaimer and terms protects the rights of software authors as well as my own.

Terms and Conditions

i). Past or present customers, employees or agents of the following companies/organisations are expressly forbidden to access any of the material on this site and agree to pay $10,000 directly to the owner for each and every violation. I am exercising my legal right granted under copyright law to restrict access to, and distribution of, my copyrighted works.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Autodesk Inc., Bentley Systems Inc., Business Software Alliance, DataRescue sa/nv, GlobeTrotter Software Inc., Microsoft Corporation, NuMega Technologies

ii). Visitors may not use any of the information provided (hereafter referred to as 'content') for personal profit or any other illegal activities as outlined in the terms of the respective software's license agreement. In short, you may not go out and crack any of the programs featured on my site and keep them, that would contravene the rights granted under copyright laws to the software author.

iii). Visitors may not use any of the information provided as the basis for instigating legal action against myself, my hosts ISP or any other tutorial authors whose works may grace my page. I am very firmly committed to supporting software authors, however I will contest any attempts at censorship.

iv). Visitors may not amend/modify/use any of the example source codes provided for illegal purposes nor shall they in anyway invite, encourage or otherwise promote the use of illegal software (my site definitely does NOT do this), I also do not host on my own servers any pirated material.

v). Visitors may not distribute any of the tutorials on this site in a modified form (this includes, but is not restricted too, books, e-magazines, newsletters, other web sites, tutorial compilations), copyright of individual documents is retained by the respective author.

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If you are unhappy in anyway with any of my contents or these terms then please e-mail me at CrackZ__@hotmail.com.

Any issues regarding this disclaimer or my site will receive absolute priority attention. Most software authors who have e-mailed me have found me to be a very reasonable person, read here for some examples, in virtually every case I will comply with any appropriate request.

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